Great quality, long lasting tiles

Our tiles are primarily porcelain tiles. Being porcelain means they are durable and keep their new look for a long time. High-quality tiles such as ours do not wear out. You don’t need to replace them unless you want to change the style or colour of your floor covering. In fact, archaeologists have uncovered glazed tiles laid around 1500BC, which goes to show that if you choose your tile wisely there’s no reason they shouldn’t outlive you!

Available nationwide

Giovanni Tiles are available across New Zealand through Carpet Court. Find your local store. 

We import directly
We cut out unnecessary middlemen by directly importing our tile stock. This allows us to offer very competitive prices. It also means we know where our stock has come from and can vouch for its quality.

Huge variety
We have over 500 options to choose from. Whatever room, whatever use, whatever colour, pattern, texture or finish you’re looking for, we are bound to have something you’ll love. We import tiles mainly from Italy and China as well as some from Australia and Indonesia also. However, we are committed to providing you exactly what you want; we have the right contacts to source tiles from anywhere around the globe so talk to us if you have an extra special request and we will help you find it.

Stock on hand
With over 30,000m2 of stock stored on site and ready to go, once a choice has been made there is minimal waiting to get the job underway.

Dedicated Showroom
We have a dedicated tile selection studio in Christchurch where we showcase an extensive array of tile samples, from mosaics to floor and wall tiles, interior and exterior tiles, in all available sizes to ensure we give you the best possible idea of what options you have. And our expert staff are on hand to answer any questions, advise you of your best options and assist you in matching colours and styles of tiles with the other components of your décor.

We Deliver 
Wherever you are in New Zealand we can work with you to have your tiles delivered.