Why you should consider tiles

Tiles are a great option for a low maintenance space, whether it be for an outdoor area or a Kitchen splash back. Below we run you through the benefits of a tile in your home.

Hard Wearing

Tiles are hard wearing, easily maintained and not susceptible to fading from UV light like other forms of flooring. This makes them perfect for those high traffic areas of your home like Dining areas, Kitchens, Entries & Conservatories as well as Bathrooms and Wet Areas.

Energy Absorbing 

 You can also benefit from the Passive Solar Heating benefits of tiles in sunny areas of your home. Tiles will store and hold the day’s heat and release it after the sun goes down. Free Heated Floors!

Add Value To Your Home

Nothing adds wow factor to your floor like a tile. Tiles are known to increase your home’s value and make a great selling feature.
Cleanliness Tiles are recommended over carpet to alleviate dust allergies and asthma.


Do it once, do it right. Archaeologists have uncovered glazed tiles laid around 1500BC. Goes to show that if you choose your tile wisely there’s no reason your tiled area shouldn’t outlive you!