The difference between ceramic, porcelain and full bodied porcelain tiles


Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are easy to spot with a dark red or terra cotta clay bisque (back of the tile) with a fine glaze applied to the surface. They are fired at a lower temperature which means they can be brittle, absorb moisture and if the surface is chipped the bisque will show through quite obviously.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are fired at a very high temperature with a Porcelain clay bisque. This gives them a very low water absorption rate making them suitable for all applications, interior and exterior. Porcelain also has a superior chip resistance vs ceramic.

Full Bodied Porcelain Tiles

Full Bodied Porcelain tile is when the colour of the surface tile goes through the entire body of the tile, meaning when you look at the back of the tile it will be the same colour as the face of it. Should your tile chip it will be less obvious than a ceramic or standard porcelain tile. 

Choosing the right tiles for your application can be difficult,  you’re in doubt as to which tile you should be using for your project it's always best to ask a professional like Giovanni Tiles